hds-loan-servicing-iconLoan Servicing Portfolio Management is adaptable to multiple loan amortizing and non-amortizing products. This ability to manage a portfolio of traditional and non-traditional loans makes this HDS product unique. The HDS Loan Servicing System can be used as a standalone product that can integrate with third party software, or simply as part of the HDS Enterprise Solution. In either case, this system allows agencies to track important loan data including borrower, co-borrower, property, and funding source. The system flow is organized for ease of use, with all information readily available. The HDS Loan Servicing Portfolio Management System features customizable views which give the agency’s users the flexibility to display, sort, and query on many general loan fields. This allows the agency to report on and group data in the loan portfolio at-a-glance.

The software has full capture of individual borrowers and co-borrowers, as well as entities and organizations as borrowers, including demographic data. Property information can pertain to any property type, including Single Family, Multifamily, Cooperative, or other special type. As a result, a loan record can contain multifamily project property information as well as single family property information.