Housing and Development Software (HDS), established in 1998, has amassed large-scale experience in the housing, finance, and community development markets. During this time, HDS has partnered with over 75 state and local housing agencies to provide effective software solutions.

Since its inception, our mission has been to develop software solutions and related services solely for the affordable housing industry. Our focus on this market has led to HDS being the preferred software solutions provider for agencies nationwide.

With the development of each of our software suites, we have worked closely with industry professionals, agency staff, and participated in industry working groups to ensure that we incorporate necessary functionality and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to bringing industry expertise in-house has been a priority, capitalizing on collaboration with professionals who have a strong background both in the industry and in software solution development and deployment. Our philosophy has been to engage all staff and ensure that they have a strong knowledge of our customer’s needs, mirroring the affordable housing market criteria. We have formed many partnerships throughout the fifteen years of dedicated service to include various HUD divisions, industry organizations, and third party vendors.

For the past few years, HDS has been implementing Agile Methodologies throughout the Corporation to assist in continuous improvement of our services and market response. Among the benefits of Agile is the philosophy of working very closely with our clients in shorter iterations where delivery of the modifications will be incremental and frequent. This collaborative approach ensures that the risk of delivering the wrong solution is minimized, and allows timely feedback and adjustments to the project if necessary. HDS continues to institute industry best-in-class processes and project development methodologies using Agile delivery methods, which makes it possible to deliver projects on time and on-budget consistently.

With every project we undertake, we understand that time is of the essence and that the pace at which business moves, it is important to implement effective, useful solutions with this consideration in mind. It is our experience that the most successful projects are those where open and constant communication is maintained, and any new risks are immediately brought to the table for consideration of possible solutions so that the project can proceed with minimal interruptions. HDS Agile collaborative and incremental approach has minimized the risk of delivering the wrong solution by utilizing constant effective communication, shorter iterations for delivery of additional updates, and timely feedback that allows for adjustments to the project if necessary.

Since our earliest beginnings nearly 20 years ago, Housing and Development Software has designed, developed, and successfully deployed an array of software solutions to the affordable housing industry. HDS feels that we are best poised to provide agencies the best solution and the highest return on investment over the long-term.