Supporting eHousingPlus at the 2024 FL ALHFA Conference
Supporting eHousingPlus at the 2024 FL ALHFA Conference

Housing and Development Software (HDS) is thrilled to announce our support for and celebration of our sister company, eHousingPlus, as they assume a pivotal role at the esteemed 2024 Florida ALHFA Annual Educational Conference. As a cornerstone of HDS Companies, eHousingPlus will shine brightly as a platinum sponsor of this premier event, set to unfold from July 10-13 at the picturesque Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine. 

The theme of this year’s conference, “The Little Engine That Could,” resonates deeply with the enduring spirit and dedication of our organizations. For 26 years, HDS Companies, eHousingPlus, and FL ALHFA have been leading the way, tirelessly working to overcome challenges and drive progress in affordable housing. 

We are especially delighted that our Vice President, Sue Denihan, will lead and participate in the panel discussion titled “Single Family: Unlocking Affordable Strategies & Collaborations.” This session promises a deep dive into the urgent demand for single-family homes and the groundbreaking approaches taken by local Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) to address this challenge. Attendees can expect illuminating insights into transformative initiatives like the Hometown Heroes Program, the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), and innovative combinations of the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) with TBA Programs to empower borrowers. 

The conference agenda is brimming with enriching educational sessions, abundant networking opportunities, and engaging activities, ensuring a rewarding experience for all participants. We encourage everyone to join us and glean wisdom from the leaders who are shaping the future of affordable housing in Florida. 

We stand proudly with eHousingPlus and eagerly anticipate their impactful contributions at this prestigious event! For more information, visit the FL ALHFA website.

by | June 21, 2024

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