Hosting Services

Application Hosting: HDS may host the HDS software and database. This service gives agencies without access to in-house IT resources the ability to outsource certain IT tasks, and ensure that all application updates or enhancements are rolled out quickly and efficiently. HDS Hosting gives clients remote access via a secure connection and includes hosted hardware services and application support. HDS understands that maintaining software applications, deploying upgrades, etc. can be costly and time consuming.  Although the benefit of installing timely upgrades is critical to users and the long term ROI of the product, there is a level of effort required by the licensed agency user.  HDS provides software hosting services for those agencies that prefer not to schedule them within their own IT environment. The HDS hosting server is located in a Class 5/Tier 4 datacenter and is designed and built for security, redundancy and performance.  During the period of time that the client is using HDS’s hosting service, their application will be installed within the application server pool, and the client will be able to access their database and the HDS application remotely.

Disaster Recovery: HDS offers on-site disaster recovery plans and business continuity services. HDS now provides this service to our clients. This service affords an additional layer of redundancy whereby an off-site data and systems back-up feature is provided, and the HDS application(s) can easily be redeployed in the event of a disaster.

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Business Services

Training: Our goal for every training is to ensure that the Agency can proficiently use the HDS Systems to perform their daily tasks, and benefit from the solutions that the System offers. Our HDS staff is highly knowledgeable about industry programs having vast experience from conferences, seminars, working groups and trainings. They are able to provide this expertise in the training and implementation of the HDS system. HDS System training is a people-oriented process. Training can be conducted onsite or offsite, depending on factors such as the particular systems to be trained on, the size of the user group, etc. Training is always offered as a service for new implementations of HDS systems or modules, and refresher training can be requested by the Agency at any time. Each implementation is customized according to the Client’s needs. HDS structures the implementation according to the Agency’s understanding of the software and its ability to translate the users’ knowledge into how the new system will work. HDS understands that no software can ever meet every need that every user may have, but our Clients can be assured that an investment in HDS is the knowledge that we will implement to best meet the Agency’s needs and be in accordance with all current technological and industry regulations.

Project Management: HDS Project Managers provide planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals in implementing HDS products as well as organizations needing assistance with internal projects and initiatives. Project Management is a service that HDS provides for our clients throughout software implementation. The role of the Project Manager is to ensure a coordinated and successful implementation of HDS applications and services, and provide the services contracted by HDS and the client in a manner that will allow the applications to be quickly and properly implemented to the benefit of both the Agency and HDS. Our Project Management services include several components to better assist the Agency, including: project plans and timelines, data conversion plans, and training schedules/agendas.

Business Analysis: HDS Analysis identifies business needs and determines solutions for business problems.  Business Analysis is a service that HDS provides in order to help clients effectively prepare for modifications and enhancements to the systems, data conversions, etc. Business Analysis also lets us evaluate how our product(s) will meet the Agency’s needs. HDS Business Analysts work closely with our clients to identify specific requirements, which is a critical component to the success of a project. Our business analysts can save the Agency considerable time and effort in identifying specifications by helping Agency staff understand the functionality that currently resides in the system and finding the best way to integrate the newly desired functionality or data with that which already exists.

Business Process Consulting: HDS consulting Specialists help organize, envision and build business models that integrate strategy, people, processes, customers, suppliers and technology, and improve overall operational effectiveness. All business consultants at HDS evaluate the procedures, conduct work to be simplified, and study to make the business process more efficient and effective.

Professional and Consulting Services

Systems Consulting: HDS provides a range of technical services primarily, but not exclusively, for the Affordable Housing Community and Economic Development Industry. HDS Consultants review operating processes and all mechanisms, ensuring that the processes are functional.

Custom Development: HDS provides custom development services for those entities that have unique requirements for functionality in the system in order to meet a specific goal or business need. One of our objectives at HDS is to build and design the application that meets your needs as a company. We will gather all information for requirements, develop the system based on your information provided, test the application and as well maintain the system.

Section 8 Baselines & Voucher Processing: The HDS Section 8 Contract Administration System creates baselines and process vouchers for Section 8 Contract Administrators converting to the HDS System or for agencies needing additional assistance in processing vouchers.


Agency Compliance Services: eHousingPlus has a quality process for the submission of files for compliance review and approval. They utilize the HDS Single Family System to monitor, comply and report each record and file received. All compliance exception findings are electronically communicated to the participating lenders for easy completion and prompt file purchase.

Program Administration: eHousingPlus provides Program Administration, Marketing and Lender Training Services to over 54 housing agencies Nationwide. We work closely with the agencies and partners to create a seamless solution.