Section 8 Management System

Section 8 Contract Administration

HDS Section 8 System Suite allows agencies a solution to manage the Section 8 Contract Administration core tasks as well as Performance Based Administration (PBT). The S8 Suite also has the ability to handle the following federal subsidy types: Section 811 PRAC, Section 811 PRA Demo, Section 236, BMIR, Market Rate, RAP, Rent supplement, Section 202 PRAC and 162 PAC.

ocha_activity-leadership_flat-rounded-square-white-on-black_64x64Section 8 Contract Administration module allows users to send, receive and process TRACS tenant and voucher records. The module gives agencies complete control to import, create, and edit TRACS records. Included is functionality for allowing, approving and closing the voucher. The System maintains a tenant and unit history, and has the ability to make adjustments based on previous amounts paid. Maintaining also a history of Rent Schedules at property level, this is used to populate schedules at the unit level. For certifications coming in, rents are compared to the rent history based on effective dates and rejected if it does not match, preventing incorrect rents from being processed in the system. The system provide agencies with complete control over Gross Rent Changes.

Users can select Individual or multiple TRACS files for processing, analyze/return errors to the property or correct them internally. Agencies have control over numerous TRACS validations and can set validations to ‘skip’, ‘warning’ or ‘fatal’. System reports will indicate which errors were returned from HUD or the property.

iconathon_e-petition_flat-rounded-square-white-on-black_64x64HDS PBT Compliance Module is a module designed to manage the tasks defined in the HUD Annual Contributions Contract. HDS PBT Compliance is a web-based solution with flexibility to work with the agency’s intranet or external web.

HDS PBT Compliance introduces technology with intuitive functionality, designed to maximize efficiency with a focus on perspectives of tasks to be accomplished including easy reporting and exportable information. HDS PBT Compliance module includes functionality and/or management perspectives for Fees Configuration, Fees Processing, Interactive PBT Wizards, Invoicing, Monitoring, Work Plans, and Reporting.

ocha-inv_infrastructure-building-inv_simple-black_64x64The IBPS module manages the incentive based performance standards under the old HUD Annual Contributions Contract/Extended Contributions Contract. This enables agencies to track the defined IBPS tasks and add, delete, or modify given items within a task, and calculate the monthly fees due to HUD. This gives the user the flexibility to choose when the agency would like to process an invoice and make modifications to when the fees are made. IBPS reports include: Fee Calculation Report, Monthly Fee Calculation Reconciliation, Monthly Performance Summary Report, Incentive Disincentive Report, FMR by Project Report, Outstanding Items Report, Follow up Reports, Tracking Reports, and others. With the module, there are wizards which create steps for completing required information.

raphael_arrow-loacation_flat-rounded-square-white-on-black_64x64CA Net is a functionality that provides a secure network for CA’s to exchange information with property sites that use OneSite software. Functionality includes, error-free TRACS files, Faster validation of data, Synchronization between HDS and the property site’s database, site’s voucher detail is submitted electronically, automatic identification of discrepancies between site and CA vouchers, details of approved voucher can be returned electronically to site, faster approval or denial of special claims, and more.

hds-mor-iconMOR Server and Laptop Module, these add-on modules allow agencies to record and save all information in the 9834. They also give users the ability to enter information related to the MOR and FHEO, print all 9834s and addendums or copy reviews. With the MOR Laptop, staff can upload MOR property information to a laptop and take it into the field to conduct the onsite review.

hds-tracs-iconHDS TRACS Reconciliation Module allows users to compare and reconcile data in TRACS with tenant data in the HDS system, and identify discrepancies. It assist the agency to stay within the compliance percentage required. The comparison data is presented in a color coded tree view to allow logical grouping of the information by contract or download date. Information could be easily resubmitted to TRACS for corrections.