Funds Management Suite

HDS Funds Management System

is allocation management for the Housing and Development Suite of Systems. The HDS Funds Management System allows an agency to create, track, report and disburse all agency dollars, irrespective of source type; federal or non-federal. This system integrates into the HDS Multifamily, Single Family and IDIS Systems, as well as a direct interfacing module into the HUD IDIS System, providing the budgeting for programs, projects and activities.

hds-allocation-iconFM Allocation allows the agency to allocate and sub-allocate program funding based on source and year. Within Allocation, the agency can see various views of how the funds are allocated, based on particular funds setups.
Project & Activity Tracking allows the agency to collect all project and activity detail data related to various grant programs. The module provides an array of Management and Workflow tools as well as Stages, Outcome Training, and Detail Training of Programs including: CDBG, CDBG-R, NSP, HOME, HOPWA, ESG, TCAP, HPRP, and other agency grant programs. Additional functionality includes:
•Application documents and exceptions
•Enter and view conditions applied to a project/activity
•Budget Setups, Status, and much more!
The Funds Management Accounting module is used for the management and review of the agency’s funding request. In this module agency users can review and approve expenditures, request funds, receive funds, process payments and much more. The HDS Security module is central to the HDS Enterprise Solution allowing the agency to manage permissions to access data or to perform certain tasks, like processing payments for HDS modules, permissions to access data or to perform certain tasks, like processing payments for example.
The IDIS Interface module was designed and developed to interface directly to the HUD IDIS System. This interface facilitates the process of sending and receiving HUD beneficiary and accomplishment data via the electronic data interchange (EDI) transmission protocol/HDS Data Synchronization Tool. In the IDIS Interface module, users may also generate IDIS-specific reports related to performance and transmission status.
hds-dst-iconThe HDS Data Synchronization Tools (DSTs) provide an additional level of simplicity by allowing users to interface project data directly from the HDS System to HUD IDIS with the click of a button. Currently HDS has DSTs for the CDBG, CDBG-R, HOME, TCAP, ESG, HPRP, and HOPWA programs. We are also currently developing a DST for interfacing to the HUD DRGR System. The DST allows users to interface project and program general information to HUD IDIS, and also fund activities in IDIS, create vouchers, close activities, and enter activity accomplishment year data.
hds-fm-compliance-iconFM Compliance is an add-on module to the core Funds Management System that gives the agency the ability to monitor and oversee sub recipients such as contractors and subcontractors, in complying with Fair Housing, Affirmative Marketing, and Section 504 reviews. Also included in this module is Compliance Tracking, Reviews and Findings, Labor Standards (Davis-Bacon) rules, and Environmental reviews such as flood requirements and lead-based paint regulations.