HDS NextGen

HDS is in its fourth-generation solution, capitalizing on the latest in technology to deliver flexibility and productivity. We would like to introduce you to NextGen. Surpassing the existing system features and introducing state-of-the-art collaboration and reporting, NextGen is built with the HFA perspective of transparency at its core. Implementing a 100% web-based solution opens doors to real-time communication between users, the internal HFA staff, and external partners.

NextGen also launches a new Collaboration Space Ecosystem to facilitate collaborating with external and internal partners. This ecosystem works independently and can be utilized for other agency business needs. Real-time collaboration is simplified by delivering a portal that will centralize files, communication, versions, alerts, notifications, activities , and more.

HDS NextGen is on a fast track to completion. Implementation will be achieved through iterations , and modules will be phased in with key concentration on the business processes. The team and surrounding support groups have been working diligently to develop requirements with clients and hosting online and onsite sessions, executing these requirements with great attention to the user interface and user functionality while providing an intuitive solution delivered in the HDS NextGen Framework.

★ HDS Multifamily Compliance LIHTC Program

★ HDS Multifamily Tenant Data Collection and IRS/HUD Reporting

★ HDS Multifamily Site, Property, Building, Unit, Tenant

★ HDS Section 8 Performance Based Task

★ HDS Single Family Digital Docs and eHPay

★ HDS Asset Management Financial Monitoring

★ HDS Follow-up Tool

★ HDS Section 8 Contracts

★ HDS Property Inspection

★ HDS Multifamily Application

★ HDS Multifamily Origination and Underwriting

★ HDS Section 8 Contract Administration

★ HDS Single Family


NextGen uses the latest web technologies and implements a 100% web solution. This lightens the IT overhead by simplifying the HFA deployment, installation, and System management. The result enables the HFAs to stay up to date with the latest enhancements and releases without having to do anything. This overall approach gives your IT superior flexibility in network deployment, device tools, feature selection, and workstation options to protect agency access and data control points.

NextGen enables users to collect on-screen details and report support requests to HDS support. NextGen’s single workspace for users and their collaborators brings synergies and efficiencies to day to day tasks with built-in System Alerts and Notifications that save them time and keep them instantly informed.

NextGen provides real-time collaboration with centralized documents, communications, versions, alerts, notifications, activities, and more.

HDS NextGen doesn’t leave Reporting behind! A suite of reporting tools that empower the HFA to analyze and report data with real-time results, includes the NEW HDS Business Intelligence (HDS BI), HDS Data Analytics, HDS Report Designer, HDS Forms Generator, and HDS Letter Generator. Each is augmented by graphical representation of the data and by an HDS Reporting view library that ease the creation of your reports.