HDS NextGen® Multifamily is light years ahead of the game!
HDS NextGen® Multifamily is light years ahead of the game!

When it comes to usability, our HDS NextGen® is light years ahead, providing you and your collaborator with a real-time one-stop software solution. With each incremental NextGen Release, we continue to deliver new functionalities, paving the way for your greater success.

HDS Multifamily can help you track milestones and timelines while automating and streamlining your daily operations. When it comes to increasing data and workflow efficiency, our system makes it easy to manage Tax Credit Allocation, award Tax-Credits, and ensure maximum compliance throughout your organization with software that centralizes vital documents and information in a secure portal. We understand that compliance testing is an essential part of your process, which is why our solution allows for follow-ups with our full suite of compliance tests. This process is critical in ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks prior to submitting required federal reporting.

At HDS, we prioritize security; with NextGen, you can implement business rules for your users and achieve comprehensive data protection for sensitive information. Let us do the heavy lifting, allowing you to boost productivity and collaborate with your internal team, remote users, and third-party partners by leveraging our advanced capabilities.

To profit from the efficiency, security, and cost-cutting benefits of our HDS NextGen multifamily management system, contact us today to schedule a demo. Let us demonstrate how our innovation meets your high business demands. We are proud of the reputation we’ve built over the last 24-years, establishing HDS as a preferred partner among HFAs across the United States.

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by | April 20, 2022

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