HDS Companies: Proud Sponsor of Louisiana Housing Conference 2023
HDS Companies: Proud Sponsor of Louisiana Housing Conference 2023

We are excited to share that HDS Companies proudly sponsors this year’s Louisiana Housing Conference (LHC), Building Pathways, Partnership, and Possibilities for Affordable Housing. The conference is set to take place from September 24th to 26th in Baton Rouge, LA. 

Over three days, LHC will bring together over 500 housing professionals encompassing a broad spectrum, including banking and finance experts, developers, and policy professionals. Baton Rouge will serve as the backdrop for this vital gathering, offering a remarkable platform for stakeholders to connect, explore, educate, and engage in discussions centered around improving Affordable Housing opportunities for Louisiana residents. 

At HDS Companies, we firmly believe that housing is the cornerstone upon which resilient and thriving communities are built. The demand for Affordable Housing Solutions has never been greater in Louisiana and the entire nation. We are honored to support LHC’s ongoing commitment to address these pressing needs. 

At HDS Companies, our values are deeply rooted in our cornerstones, which guide us in everything we do: 

  • Industry Leader: We have been trailblazers in the Affordable Housing and Community Development sectors since our inception. For over 25 years, we have consistently provided a wide range of business solutions, remaining at the forefront of our industry. 
  • Team Culture: Our success is built upon the strength of our dedicated and collaborative team. We foster a culture of teamwork, respect, and shared goals, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of service. 
  • Creative Innovation: In a rapidly evolving industry, creative innovation is vital to addressing housing challenges. We continuously explore innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and communities. 
  • Financial Prosperity: We understand the importance of financial stability in Affordable Housing projects. Our expertise helps our clients achieve financial prosperity while delivering Affordable Housing solutions that make a positive impact. 

Abdul Mondol, President of Housing and Development Software, will represent HDS Companies at the conference. He looks forward to meeting and networking with professionals from across the nation. We invite all attendees to connect with HDS Companies.  Together, we can educate, network, and collaborate to realize our vision for a more promising future in Affordable Housing. 

Visit our website, HDS Companies, and discover how our team’s expertise and dedication can help advance your Affordable Housing initiatives. 

See you in Baton Rouge, LA! 

Team HDS 

by | September 25, 2023

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