TRACS Update for the Section 8 Contract Administration System
TRACS Update for the Section 8 Contract Administration System

HDS is anticipating an update release for the Section 8 Contract Administration System tomorrow September 12, 2014.

This update includes the CA Net release for TRACS Version 202D, modification to Voucher processing, and Modifications to TRACS file validations and processing.

CA Net™ links affordable property sites to contract administrators (CAs) for real-time, secure exchange of TRACS, Special Claims, and other management information. This functionality is a partnership between Housing and Development Software, LLC and RealPage.

This tool eliminates the time-consuming ‘back and forth’ between CAs and property sites as it validates the data for submission to HUD. This integration is currently in use by HDS / RealPage clients nationwide. Its automation, replaces the inefficient manual processes that have impacted efficiency, HUD compensation and profitability in the affordable sector.

CA Net automatically identifies any missing or incorrect information coming from the properties so that it can be quickly and easily addressed before submission to the CAs or HUD. Both properties and CAs are able to easily meet their reporting deadlines, with accurate information, and with greatly reduced use of staff time.

by | September 11, 2014

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