TRACS 203A Release Date 
TRACS 203A Release Date 

At the recent HUD Industry Day Meeting and at the NAHMA meeting, HUD said that TRACS Version 203A is expected to go live at the end of the year. HUD has been saying this since Spring. Unfortunately, there is little chance that that will happen.

First, the release of 203A is dependent on OMB forms approval for the various updated forms including the 50059 and for the many forms whose approval has expired. HUD has said that there will be a 60-day comment period on the forms followed by a 30-day comment period after which the forms will be approved and published. At this time, the forms have not been published for comment. Given that, we could not have the forms approved before early March even if the first comment period started today.

Once the forms have been approved, HUD has committed to a period of time (6 months) for both TRACS and software developers to do the needed work before software release. A final TRACS 203A Industry Specification would also have to be released by the time the forms are approved.

Given the timeline discussed with the TRACS team, it is unlikely that 203A could go live any earlier than late Summer or early Fall of 2022 unless HUD decides that the forms can be approved without a comment period or with a shortened comment period.

Fortunately, there is likely to be an Industry call in November that should help to clarify the situation.


by | October 27, 2021

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