The new ‘LIMITs’ season for 2022 has begun! 

With HDS, the Rent and Income Limits are automatically updated via our service feature, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Our system ensures that you stay up to date and ready to comply with the annual changes for your Multifamily programs. 

The new FMRs for 12 income limit areas across the country were published in the Federal Register this morning, and they will be effective on April 11, 2022. Up until now, those areas should have been using the 2021 FMRs. In previous years, HUD has released new FMRs annually. If a state believes that the values for specific areas are incorrect, they can file an appeal. They will be allowed to continue to use the old FMRs during the appeal process. When new ones are published in response to the appeal, they take effect on the date specified by HUD. 

For more information, please visit Federal Register :: Fair Market Rents for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Moderate Rehabilitation Single Room Occupancy Program, and Other Programs Fiscal Year 2022; Revised 

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