New eHP Digital Docs Platform is Here
New eHP Digital Docs Platform is Here


New eHP Digital Docs Platform is Here


Weston, FL –

eHousingPlus is thrilled to announce that on 12.10.18, our general lending population will GO LIVE with eHousingPlus Digital Docs!

eHP Digital Docs and eHPay are the the first two systems to release from the NEW eHousingPlus Next Generation platform, and this is just the beginning. Our continued commitment to bring innovative solutions and services with the continued focus on security, reliability, and accuracy is at the forefront of each eHP implementation.

eHousingPlus started the eHP Digital Docs project a little over a year ago, together with our sister company Housing and Development Software, with the mission to bring the next generation of innovation and streamline workflows for the lending community, providing more transparency and making their daily activities easier.

Early on in the process, we engaged a Lender Leadership Committee to receive feedback and input critical to us creating the tools which will assist lenders most. This group has tested and provided great input and suggestions which have been incorporated in the system.

“My team is LOVING being able to upload their files. This saves them so much time it is wonderful! We are so grateful for all of the hard work that has been put into this great system,” said Alyssa Adame of PrimeLending.

Our investment in eHP Digital Docs increases program success by making it easier for the lenders to successfully participate in the various programs.

Specifically, this secure platform gives access to:

  • Upload the Program Compliance File
    • Pre-Closing Documents
    • Post-Closing Documents
  • Upload corrected DEFIs
  • Manage and Track Files
  • Find Individual Loan Fees
  • Look up Program Fees
  • Authorize Loan Payments instantly and digitally via our NEW eHPay
  • View and Print Fee Payment Receipts
  • And much more!

This means the lenders will benefit from…

  • Instant Delivery of Files
  • Immediate Savings of Courier Fees
  • Ability to monitor the files during Compliance Review
  • Lenders will NEVER AGAIN over or under pay a file fee – we calculate!
  • Enjoy a visual and easy workflow system
  • and have fun with profile avatars!

“Having the ability to load digital compliance  files for affordable housing programs, no longer having to rely on mail services and couriers, is drastically going to improve the process for lenders,” said Paloma Miranda, Senior Vice President of Services at eHousingPlus, “Plus, it’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free! Everyone at eHousingPlus couldn’t be more excited that we are going live.”

Watch for more announcements about additional products being launched on the new Next Generation platform in the near future.


by | December 7, 2018

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