You won’t want to miss this! One of our eHP experts, Sue Denihan, will be paneling in NALHFA’s newest session: Affordable Homeownership “Prep” Rally: Reaching Your Audiences Through Effective Communications on Thursday, May 13 at 12:15 pm ET.

Prep Rally? That’s right. NALHFA’s “student body” will be providing spirited tactics on how to keep the audience engaged when communicating. If you think about it, the way we communicate are always changing. What may have worked in the past, don’t necessarily work now especially since the latest communication has mainly been through virtual platforms. In this session, Sue Denihan, and other panelists, will be pushing others to think more about what makes a thriving brand – mission, position, essence and how that is reaching the desired audience. We are eager to attend this must-see session and look forward to rallying with the affordable homeownership community. There is no doubt that this session will help give the attendees a better insight on how to build a successful future in the Affordable Housing industry.