Multifamily Compliance Project Gathers Steam
Multifamily Compliance Project Gathers Steam

The HDS Multifamily Compliance Project has two components: updating the Compliance Testing model and moving the testing and related functionality to a modern web interface.

Compliance Testing

The current Compliance Testing module is part of the HDS Multifamily Management product—a Windows based application–that includes Tax Credit, HOME and Agency tests. Given our longer-term goal of porting all of the Multifamily product to the web, it did not make sense to add flexibility and functionality to compliance testing in Windows. The move to the web will occur in phases with infrastructure and tax credit testing coming in the first wave by early 2018. After that, we will work on HOME testing and Agency Restrictions along with ad hoc and bond testing. Once the complete migration is done, the Compliance Testing option will be removed from Multifamily Management.

The core of the new testing model is a series of key data validations done on each certification imported or manually added to the database. These validations are done immediately when a certification is stored so that it becomes possible to see immediately if there are any issues with income limits, rents, eligibility, etc. for a specific certification—no need to wait to run a compliance test. Most of the existing tax credit tests then become simple summaries of the validations already done. Only a small number of tests will need to examine sequences of certifications. The beauty of the model is that it is easily extensible to cover new funding programs or new rules for a program.

New Web User Interface (UI)

A new web portal is being added to our web offering that will be much more flexible and easier to navigate. The portal includes views of the Allocation Pipeline, Applications, Projects, Underwriting, Property, Building, Unit and Tenant information in addition to Compliance Testing. Auxiliary functionality includes an Inbox, Chat, Tasks, Calendar, Data Views and more.

Next Steps

We have completed two working group calls with clients, reviewing the plans, demonstrating progress and soliciting feedback. These collaborative calls will continue monthly as we move through development. We plan to give clients access to a working demo, once the code and features are complete.

by | July 14, 2017

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