HDS to Launch New Initiative for Contract Administration
HDS to Launch New Initiative for Contract Administration

jed-graefGiven all the time and effort devoted to processing certifications and vouchers, any efficiency that can be introduced will have a big impact. At HDS we have been thinking hard about how to automate parts of the process with an eye to giving voucher specialists more time to do what they do best–make decisions.

At HDS we are committed to giving you the tools to do your Section 8 processing as quickly, easily and accurately as possible. We have been focusing on potential ways to make your work more efficient and are at the point of wanting to share our ideas and see what additional thoughts you might have.

The core of our proposal is to automate the TRACS processes as much as possible. Imagine simply checking to see if there are any new certs or vouchers for you to review without having to wait to receive files-in the background a utility would be receiving files, checking them for errors, storing the data, passing errors on to the owner/agents, sending files to TRACS and creating an initial voucher for you to review if the site voucher has no fatal errors associated with it. With the grunt work of babysitting TRACS taken care of, you can focus on approving vouchers and will have more time to spend on hard cases.

The first Automation Working Group meeting and kickoff to this initiative will be held on Tuesday, September 15, 2105 from 1:00PM to 2:00PM (Eastern). Be sure not to miss out on any communication, register for this discussion group at AutomateMySection8 or email reply to [email protected] and stay tuned.

Jed Graef, Housing Business Manager

by | September 1, 2015

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