HDS Companies Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in the Town of Miami Lakes
HDS Companies Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in the Town of Miami Lakes

Nowadays, companies relocate their headquarters for various reasons, including talent pool, transportation systems, increased accessibility, quality of life, proximity to markets, and social values. For 22 years, HDS Companies was headquartered in Weston, Florida. Today marks the 2nd anniversary of our national corporate headquarters in Miami Lakes.

Founded in 1998, HDS comprises two successful business divisions, Housing and Development Software, eHousingPlus, and our philanthropic division, the HDS Foundation. Throughout the last 24-years, HDS has soared as the leading provider of diverse business solutions and best in its class professional technical services in the Affordable Housing and Community Development Industry. HDS is constantly investing in cutting-edge innovative solutions for its clients, as well as in mentoring and training our leadership team and personnel to deliver exceptional customer service.

The Town of Miami Lakes became the 31st municipality in Miami-Dade County in December of 2000. Known as one of the youngest cities in the County, Miami Lakes is home to approximately 30,000 residents and more than 1,700 businesses. Our Miami Lakes headquarters are located at 15175 NW Ludlam Road, Suite 203; this location provides the company with an expansive 7,000+ square feet of office space that meets the demands of the company’s growing and diversified workforce. The site is convenient and centrally located for most HDS employees, with easy access to nearby restaurants, shopping, athletic club, golf resort, and more, which will help attract and retain essential talent.

by | June 2, 2022

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