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Celebrating Homeownership Month!

Owning a home is the American Dream. A dream that is no easy feat. Saving money for a down payment, finding affordable housing inventory, repayment of student loans, and wage growth stand in the way for many Americans trying to purchase a home. Thankfully, there are Housing Agencies and Housing Associations that work tirelessly to [...]

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NALHFA 2021 Virtual Annual Conference

  NALHFA is almost here!  As a Bronze sponsor, we support NALHFA’s vision in advancing the interests of local government housing agencies.   We encourage you to visit our virtual page on the conference application to check out our materials and chat us to learn how the NEW NextGen can give you the edge in the marketplace.  Don’t forget [...]

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The HUD 2021 Homeownership Value Limits have Been Released

The HUD 2021 Homeownership Value Limits (95% limits) have been released. These limits will be effective on June 1, 2021 and are for the HOME Investment Partnership Program (HOME) and the Housing Trust Fund (National HTF). The new Homeownership Value Limits established in 24 CFR 92.254(a)(2)(iii) of the Final Rule published on July 24, 2013 [...]

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NALHFA’s Prep Rally

You won’t want to miss this! One of our eHP experts, Sue Denihan, will be paneling in NALHFA’s newest session: Affordable Homeownership “Prep” Rally: Reaching Your Audiences Through Effective Communications on Thursday, May 13 at 12:15 pm ET. Prep Rally? That’s right. NALHFA’s “student body” will be providing spirited tactics on how to keep the [...]

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