Over the last year, we have been re-engineering the Multifamily Management product and are very excited to introduce the NEW HDS Multifamily Management prototype.   

If you are looking for a fully collaborative and innovative business solution, then the NEW HDS Multifamily Management Portal is the solution for you.  

The Multifamily Management System is a comprehensive management and tracking solution providing an inventory of functionalities that allow an Agency to meet their multifamily affordable housing goals.  

At its core are the HDS Origination and Underwriting System and the HDS Compliance and Asset Management System, is a scalable solution providing a variety of modules to fit the Agency’s programmatic requirements.  

Our Solutions and Services take a 360° view of your organization’s multifamily needs.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the product, please contact Edielyn Walsh to book a demo session at [email protected].