Version 16 is coming soon!
Version 16 is coming soon!

Housing and Development Software is pleased to present the new release of version 16. It is due out in the coming weeks and we want to provide you with a highlight of the focus of each system and service.

Let’s start with a bit of insight into our processes for release. V16 brings with it a new HDS Lifecycle of support. The technology changes made in the application are significant and since our initial announcement of release in February 2016, HDS has been running the application thought various levels of testing in each environment. With each finding modifications to the application was made until each test passed successfully. HDS testing occurs at various levels and seeks to find the nuances in the application behavior with different data scenarios that both HDS has documented in their testing libraries and that clients have provided to us for inclusion into our testing library. All system documentation, including the online HDS help, the HDS data-dictionary, and the HDS release notes reflect the latest changes and will accompany the release.

Check your email for details or log into MyHDS Forums for more…

by | August 12, 2016

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