HDS is consistently looking for opportunities to better serve our clients and is pleased to announce our latest enhancements for Tax Credit Reporting. The release is scheduled for early July and includes changes discussed in our HDS Working Group meetings.

The tool supports HUD Annual Tax Credit Reporting by providing tenancy data for Tax Credit Properties as of December 31 for deemed reporting year. The HDS Tenant Collection XML Export Tool presents the prescribed data in the prescribed XML file schema ready for upload to HUD site.  In addition, some changes have been made to the HDS Multifamily Management System to support more accurate and thorough reporting.

Full details of this release will be available with the release documentation. Today, we are making available the HDS Tenant Collection XML Export Tool for HUD annual reporting as release V14.0.27 , so that you may begin testing your files against HUD site.

The method of this release will be via the HDS Auto-Update . Important to note: This update is for users currently in Version 14.0.11.