HDS Approach to the HUD HAPSS Procurement
HDS Approach to the HUD HAPSS Procurement

Our primary goal is to provide a complete, accurate, efficient, and easy to use tool with as much automation as possible. With that in mind, we will consult closely with all our clients to discuss your needs. Below are some points to help you understand the direction in which we are going.

Databases: Our current thinking is that a single database for each sub-region will be the safest way to store data. With one database, there is no need for communication between individual state databases and a main reporting and invoicing database. In addition, dashboards showing task status, potential and actual areas of non-compliance, and current AQLs are guaranteed to be always up to date.


  • An OA portal will allow OAs to enter data for special claims and to upload supporting documentation, saving you the time needed for data entry.
  • A Tenant portal will allow tenants to submit and track concerns online.
  • Integration with HUD systems: Tools to access iREMS, EIV and TRACS queries will be included along with the TRACS Data Synchronization Tool.


  • Specific tasks will be implemented by data entry screens controlled by workflow rules that include deadlines and checklists. Where applicable, supporting documentation will be stored with the task. Data entry fields stored in HDS will be filled automatically or a dropdown selection provided.
  • Task notifications to Employees, Owner/Agents, and HUD will be automated.
  • The Voucher Processing module will store the required discrepancy notifications to the OA and will alert you when the OA has submitted corrections to the discrepancies.
  • Reporting will be automated where possible but will include options to add additional information.

MORs: Onsite MOR work will be able to be done on a computer or tablet.

Any specific module not currently under license or annual maintenance may be subject to an addon fee.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at [email protected].


Jed Graef
Business Development Manager

by | August 30, 2022

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